Rusty Oak Nursery
Rusty Oak Nursery


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Field direct sale spring 2015

FOB Field

Freight not included

Norway Spruce


  14ft $339 per plant/14 per truck 
  13ft $306 per plant/14 per truck 
  12ft $269 per plant/20 per truck 
 11ft $219 per plant/20 per truck
  10ft $202 per plant/27 per truck 

Nigra Arborvitae

          14ft $274 per plant/24 per truck          
 13ft $199 per plant/30 per truck 
 12ft $149 per plant/30 per truck 
11ft $139 per plant/50 per truck
 10ft $199 per plant/50 per truck            
*Please call 330.225.7704 for more information